Polaris – a.k.a. the North Star – is famous for holding nearly still in our sky and for making the way due north.

At one time in human history, people literally depended on Polaris to guide them. People could sail the seas and cross the trackless deserts without getting lost.

As for the star we are named after, Solutions Polaris guide and support clients and partners on their journey to growth and success!



We provide strategic and operational consulting services – and deliver results – to Fortune 500 companies as well as to small and medium businesses


Over the past 25 years, we have made a difference and contributed to the success of numerous clients and brands in various channels and industries across Canada.


Over the past 25 years, we have made a difference and contributed to the success of numerous clients and brands in various channels and industries across Canada.

Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec

Cyber Cat Inc.

We have worked with Michel for 12 years on Norrizon’s B.I. solutions’ implementation and management. His understanding of Norrizon’s business and needs made this project an easy one to handle at our end! He now leads our commercialization initiatives…


Vice President Sales, Cyber Cat Inc.

Adrien Gagnon



Norrizon Sales & Marketing Group Inc.

Michel has been instrumental in designing, implementing and managing Norrizon’s proprietary information systems since the inception of the company, and also in managing Norrizon’s quality standards and technical infrastructure. Michel’s exceptional organizational and analytical skills are well reflected in the success of Norrizon’s business processes and technology.

Michel keeps providing our team and our clients with strategic and relevant business intelligence helping us to make clever business decisions

Office municipal d’habitation de Laval

Michel joined us at the beginning of 2020 in the first months of the pandemic and quickly set up and successfully managed our housing search assistance service (SARL) in addition to contributing to the development of certain processes related to the management of Covid-19 cases within our residential park.

Michel then accompanied us in our initiatives to improve our performance, bringing structure and rigor to our reflections, our working methods, the use of technological supports as well as our communications and our corporate image.

Michel showed great flexibility and understanding of our reality and our needs, and he also quickly understood our values, thus delivering results in line with the expectations of the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval.

We believe that Michel’s expertise is adaptable to all types of businesses or organizations and that he can quickly make a difference and contribute to their success!


General Manager, Office municipal d’habitation de Laval

Office régional d’habitation du Lac des Deux-Montagnes

Michel played a key role in writing the portrait of social and affordable housing in general and more specifically in our region, as well as in presenting our brief to political and decision-making bodies. We recognize his expertise in documentary research, analysis and finding solutions, the quality of his work and his ability to quickly understand the issues.

Régent Aubertin

Chairman of the board, Office regional d’habitation du Lac des Deux-Montagnes (2020-2021)


C.D.M.S. Inc.

We partner with Michel on many projects and each time he demonstrates strong project development and management capacities, as well as strong skills for communication and monitoring of tasks’ progress.

Chrisanthos Symeon

President, C.D.M.S. Inc.


Banque Laurentienne

Michel played a key role in the development and implementation of banking operations support services (messaging and stationery) at our new head office in Montreal. His expertise in project management, logistics and communication contributed to the rapid integration of the Garda World team into the Bank’s operations.


Chantal Cyr
VP adjointe au contrôle et planification financière, Banque Laurentienne du Canada

Éric Thibeault

Directeur Opérations Service aux Particuliers, Opérations et Solutions d'Affaires, Banque Laurentienne du Canada

Groupe laitier Alain Royer


Aspasie & Co

Michel played a key role in the reengineering of our Aspasie Shopper division (formerly Tablex) at all levels: sales strategy, product development and operations. He provided Aspasie Shopper with a vision and a business plan that we can now successfully implement!

Maxim Gélinas

President, Aspasie & Co

Bag To Earth

Michel has been instrumental in managing our e-commerce business from the implementation stage through the supply stage. His work is professional and thorough all the way to outstandingly clear and concise reports. Makes our decision-making much faster and better.

Jo-Anne Syrenne

Business Development, Bag to Earth

Meilleures marques

Reeliv 5


Mosaic Sales Solutions Inc.

Not unlike a great pitcher , I can say of Michel that within his own area of performance / expertise, he is at the top of his game and his track record speaks for itself. He can be the starter, long or short reliever. He is great at dealing with very practical or more sophisticated concepts. In other words, he can turn information into actionable knowledge. He delivers quality and volume under pressure and understands the meaning of deadlines. He is experienced and remains at the forefront of all new technology tools and applications.

Jacques Gravel

President, Wishbone Management,
President Québec Mosaic Sales Solutions Inc. (1991-2002)